Helen Benninger

Around the House


Batik Squares

(wall hangings)

I have collected a lot of batiks over the years and now I am determined to use them up.  I have simply torn them into squares an had a lot of fun combining and arranging them.  This is my latest series.

It's Too Hot In Here!!!!!   (self portrait)

approx 30" x 30" (wall hanging)




55" x 64"  (Wall hanging)

I made this in a workshop with Ruth McDowell.  We made blocks and were supposed to line them up.  I didn't like mine so I pulled the blocks apart, tilted them, and filled in the spaces between them.

Everyone loves this quilt but few people actually recognize that it is supposed to be a picture of the flower columbine.


44" x 29"  (wall hanging)

I know it doesn't look like it now, but this quilt was made from strips, not little 'tiles'.  The free-motion quilting covers all of the seams.  It is intended to be 'grout' between the tiles.  I was once a high school math teacher.  When the quilt was finished it reminded me of a sine curve so I tried to work out an equation that might produce this pattern.  (more or less...)  That is where the name comes from.

Received an honourable mention at the Ontario Juried Show.


Circles Series

(wall hangings)

As you can see, I like to work in strips and circles, usually in the same piece.  I like to give myself a little sewing challenge every one in a while.  These circles are machine appliqued.  

Through the Window

(wall hanging)

This time the circles are machine pieced - that was my little challenge this time.  I usually design on a fabric wall and just sew things together and then cut them apart again and then rearrange them until I have what I want.  This piece was an idea from a door that I saw on 'Angel' on T.V.  I made a sketch and then drew out a full-size pattern for each panel.  If was fun to do - once! 

Collage Series

(wall hangings)

5 Bucks  

I started working with collage on clothing (see WEARABLES for details) I eventually found the design space too limiting and then I realized that there was no reason I couldn't make collaged wall hangings and other things.

Oh Canada